A mini update…2247 Enns Road has new owners.  They take possession at the end of this month.  We are feeling so grateful to have that behind us and to not have double the bills coming in, having to turn up the heat for showings and best of all…Karen doesn’t have to keep the lawns groomed this summer on that parcel of land.

Our realtor, Terry Chalaturnyk with Royal Lapage in Campbell River has done such a good job for us.  Many accepted offers later…she got us to the closing.  She is so patient and has been a real blessing to us. 

We are seeing that this adventure is coming together one step at a time but never much further ahead than that.  We are exercising our faith muscles and growing better and closer to each other and the One that holds the keys to our new home, because of it.

Thank you for being a part of our journey with us.

P.S. All this happened while Karen was having a little Gramma Time in Saskatchewan – another blessing!

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The Promise of What’s to Come has Started

A Promise of Blessing (and that the land will not flood)!

With the onset of a month of nicer weather (drier) setting in at the end of February, Continue reading

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AND…We’re Off…

February 16/18

The Seacan Finally Gets it’s Siding…Waiting for Paint

It’s been a busy month…not for us…but for the professionals that handle (look at/assess/change/approve) our home plans. So with nothing better to think about, we have been dreaming of Spring coming and the rains abating allowing us to dig and get started on our home. Continue reading

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A New Season in 2018

As Fall has slipped by in our busyness, we are again finding ourselves in a new season in our life.  Long distance grandparents and ready to build our home.

January 1, 2018’s view of our lots. About to change this next year.

Continue reading

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5 Weeks of “Vacation”…

September 26/17

Time for another update!

Proud Grandparents!

Proud Grandparents!

The day after the last post, Ross flew into Calgary and met Karen there to attend a first ever Adrian Cousin’s Reunion where 16 of the 26 cousins met for the first time (more on that in my next post).  And then we went on to meet our sweet grand baby, Roman and to visit with Michael and Courtney in Saskatoon.  This started Ross’ 3 weeks of vacation which got increased to 5 weeks off.  Needless to say we got a lot done and had some wonderful down time with 5 weeks off! Continue reading

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Karen’s Musings

Sept 23/17

Karen’s Musings – From Strangers to Family

IMG_2886Warning!  This is a very personal post and I share it with you because my heart is overflowing and it is part of my life’s adventure.  (I’m grateful for a small readership of people who love me!)

As I look back on this past year and half, I’m overwhelmed at how grateful that I am for the blessings poured out.  Continue reading

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In the Heat of Summer

August 17/17

IMG_2757Since the last post, we have been watching our sweet grandson grow through photos.  Continue reading

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Family News

July 2/17

2 big announcements!

Isn't he the most gorgeous baby you've ever seen!

Roman Ellery… Isn’t he the most gorgeous baby you’ve ever seen!

1.   We are grandparents! And couldn’t be more thrilled and proud! Continue reading

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The Digging Continues

July 1/17

IMG_2034Happy 150th Birthday, Canada!

I can’t believe that it’s been 3 months already since my last post.  It’s been busy!

Maybe point form would be most expedient…

Ross has been home for 36 days altogether (in 6 day increments) since the last post and we have accomplished a lot!

Continue reading

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Mud, Mud, Mud and More Mud!

March 25/17

IMG_2297The septic is in and our yard is a big muddy mess!  But the septic is in…  Continue reading

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