Mud, Mud, Mud and More Mud!

March 25/17

IMG_2297The septic is in and our yard is a big muddy mess!  But the septic is in…  Continue reading

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Will Winter Keep Calling?

February 28/17

IMG_2257It seems like winter just never ends this year…and yes, I know that in other parts of Canada it’s not reasonable to expect it so soon, but here on the Island, we don’t get snow like this.  From a fall of huge winds and rains that just kept coming right into HUGE (for us) snows that just seem to keep coming, it seems like winter will never end.  Continue reading

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As We Look Toward the Spring

January 24/17IMG_2173

This has been a winter unlike anything I have ever experienced.  Wind storm after wind storm (many in excess of 50km) bringing many inches of rains… and then the snow.  The “lots of it and not going away soon” type.  We got almost 2 feet on the property and it stayed for over 8 weeks!   Even the local people say that this isn’t normal for the Comox Valley.  Had we been in the RV for the winter, this would have been a real adventure.   (Feb.4th) And as we finally see green land, we get another foot of snow in the last 24 hours…deep sigh… Continue reading

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As Winter Approaches

October  16/16img_2187

Stormy winter has arrived here in the Comox Valley with torrential rains and record winds.  It is so nice to be tucked away in the Rabey’s home and watching it instead of experiencing it in the RV.  Speaking of… Continue reading

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The Last Days of Summer…

August 31/16

img_2129This last week of August, while Ross was home, we spent living in the RV on the property giving the Rabey’s their house back as they pack and prepare for their big trip across the continent.

Ross got the water hooked up Continue reading

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Keeping Busy While We Wait

August 16/16

IMG_2080We are patiently waiting for our extra lot to sell.  There have quite a number of calls and some lookers, but nothing in writing.  We are feeling that is now getting a little late in the season to be thinking about breaking ground this year as we really don’t want to be pushing to get to lock up before the rainy season hits… so we wait.  We are so thankful for a nice place to live at the Rabey’s as we get to know our new community and look towards another Westcoast winter. Continue reading

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Everything Finally in One Place!

July 6/16

IMG_1968We and all that we own are here in the Comox Valley.  Our 2 moving days were busy but went very smoothly.  Turns out that we cannot get all our belongings into a 30 foot moving van even with all Ross’ shop stuff already moved…  We had to rent a UHaul truck to help finish. Continue reading

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Making the Most of the Evacuation

June 12/16 part 2

IMG_1957In addition to getting Lot 2 ready for sale, we were very busy getting our property ready to receive containers to get our belongings out of storage and onto our own land.  We gave our notice to the Wason’s and the storage unit for the end of June so that is our target.

Ross kept really busy while home…he fit in a couple of electrical jobs as well as:

  • We went back to the designer to modify the house plans for a more conservative home.  It is looking great and we are excited about it.
  • During the first sunny days, Ross reinforced the seals on the 5th Wheel and did some maintenance on truck and RV – getting it ready for winter.
  • Ross put concrete foundation walls and drainage on the container site on the back of our lot with the help of his brother, Paul and nephew, Ben.  We are thankful for these 2 guys that are excited about concrete!
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When the Fires come…Be Flexible and Count Your Blessings!

June 12/16 part 1

FortMacFire2 FortMacFireThe last 7 weeks have been an unplanned adventure for us.  On May 4th (2 days after my last post) Ross was evacuated from Fort McMurray with the wild fires burning out of control.  I could write pages of that experience with he and Michael (who made it out a couple of days later) being in a camp with NO supplies (food, water and diesel for power generation) coming in but it being on the only road and direction that Fort Mac refugees could take once the highway to Edmonton closed.  Ross said it was very emotional to have families arrive in shorts, sandals and their pets but nothing else seeking refuge under the camp roof.

Continue reading

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We Can See Land!


“We Can See Land!”

I’m sure THAT is what Noah said after 5 months in the ark.  It has been about a 5 month journey for us to get to this point.  As of last week, the lot is cleared and ready for the next phase – the building phase.

IMG_1732We chose our demo guy well!  One of the firefighters is a contractor and had all the equipment needed and so we decided to go with him.  Nick from Huxham Contracting is an artist with an excavator and watching him was impressive as he picked apart the travel trailer and separated it into recyclable and burnable parts.  Continue reading

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