Gum Boots, Respirators & Gloves- Not Optional!

March 9, 2016 – It’s ours!  All 1.6 acres of it!

view onto the property from Enns Road

view onto the property from Enns Road

What a great day even though the weather was typical March winter weather.  We packed a lunch and Ross and John Wason took the truck and tool trailer and Dixie Beaulieu (visiting from MB) and I took the SmartCar for the day’s adventure.  It was so nice to have companionship to celebrate the start of our new journey, share our excitement and have help to get a couple of  things in place on the new property.

2249 Enns Road, Lot 2&3

2 lots totalling 1.6 acres

2249 Enns Road

We had no idea what to expect when we walked onto our property.  We had made our offer to purchase to include that the sellers could just walk away and we would deal with their 30 years of never disposing of anything and collections of bottles and garbage, soggy clothes, etc. resulting from over 10 years of full on leaky roof never having been repaired.  We knew that it could be a real mess because of what we initially saw.  The buildings were filled with Black Mold and everything was a soggy mess.  We didn’t expect that much would have changed.

Looking from the back of our property to Enns Road.

Looking from the back of our property to Enns Road.

Much to our surprise, they did take some stuff with them, there was evidence of them trying to organize some of the trash and we think that there was a lot of liquor bottles missing.  Who knows for sure.  As it was, we filled the truck with returnables and the proceeds for that load was over $100.  Not anticipated, but John has a little side business of returnables and was very happy to help unload that from that property and we were happy to try to exercise good stewardship of the find.  Bonus!

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a photo of the 4 of us decked out in good quality respirators doing our initial walk through.  Missed opportunity…  Do we let our findings discourage us or do we see the adventure ahead and this cleanup being the first step to better things?

We didn’t have long to ponder that question as we had to press on.

The first order of business…get the inground swimming pool drained and fenced and a cover on the well.  We don’t want any accidents happening.  And wouldn’t you know it, left over from another of our adventures, we have a sump pump and miles of caution tape.  So funny to think of the things that we keep thinking we will probably never need them again.

Next order of business…meet with Chief Bruce Green of the Oyster River Fire station and chat about what needs to happen if the building is to be used as a training exercise.   Ross has always wanted to be a part of something like that. We were hoping for a mutually beneficial situation of saving some cartage and dump fees while having an adventure with the fire department where they would get an opportunity to train in an actual structure that burns.

Final order of business for the day…apply for a demolition permit with the Comox Valley Regional District and get the process going.

So are we burning or bulldozing?

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    Oh my gosh! Were these taken the day you got possession?? Yikes Karen- you win!!

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