The Last Days of Summer…

August 31/16

img_2129This last week of August, while Ross was home, we spent living in the RV on the property giving the Rabey’s their house back as they pack and prepare for their big trip across the continent.

Ross got the water hooked up and turned on so no more watering by gallon jugs, we now have a hose, and the rhodos and blackberries are very happy.  img_1553-jpgKaren spent a day with her weed killing equipment trying to convince the thistles and wild blackberries to be gone.

Half way through the week (before we got to our perimeter/bush taming), our lovely neighbours moved and before they went they gifted us an awesome shed.  Took us about 75 minutes to get it down and then Ross had the job of preparing the ground for it to be rebuilt on our property.  img_1554-jpg img_2143More gravel moving!  But after the base was done, it took about 90 minutes to assemble and now Karen can store her mower & gas in it out of the weather.  What a gift!  Neither of us had verbalized the desire for a shed, but both of had been thinking that one day it would be great to have one.  We were blown away by the provision/gift and encouraged that God knows our every need even when we don’t ask.

Our last job before winter is to put a driveway in to the back of the property and containers.  That will start while Ross is away and we will finish it when he is home in the middle of September.

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