AND…We’re Off…

February 16/18

The Seacan Finally Gets it’s Siding…Waiting for Paint

It’s been a busy month…not for us…but for the professionals that handle (look at/assess/change/approve) our home plans. So with nothing better to think about, we have been dreaming of Spring coming and the rains abating allowing us to dig and get started on our home.  Recently, the forecast changed and we are getting drier weather for a few weeks and it is so nice to have a break from the torrential rains and sometimes snow, even if it is still really quite cold.  We have been thinking…wouldn’t it be nice to get our building permit in hand and take advantage of it and get a head start and get the foundation in before April…with the months that one has to wait for approvals to happen up here…not likely to happen.

Well, much to our surprise and an extra blessing, the engineer and the Comox Valley Regional District office have approved and signed off on our building plans with the changes that we wanted (much earlier than we expected).  A number of pieces have come together for us and we will have a little sod turning ceremony next Thursday (weather permitting of course) and the excavator will come and dig for our foundation.

Before that happens, Ross’ brother Paul will bring his survey equipment and get the house all marked out – a huge gift to us.  We have an experienced contractor, that we have gotten to know and trust, that will consult with us (another blessing) and we have found a foundation/concrete expert that will work with Ross to get the forms built and filled.  So…

Building permit + Surveyor + Digger + Foundation/Concrete guy + Building consultant = Start the House!

I expect to have lots more photos and stories to tell while we are in this process.  To answer the question that everyone asks…No we don’t expect to be finished this year.  We are going to build it ourselves and still keep working the electrical business when the work is there.

  • Other news – Ross is keeping busy with this electrical contracting and we are so glad to have him home and have work too.
  • There’s been lots of interest in the mobile home and we’ve had several offers but the right one hasn’t come along just yet (it’s amazing that people go looking to buy a house/lot without finding out if they qualify for a mortgage).
  • This month’s adventure has been that our furnace broke down in the RV but thankfully Ross is a genius at coming up with a fix and we have a temporary heater wired in until our furnace comes back repaired.  If it had to happen…I’m so glad that it waited until he was home and could deal with it!

So…without making you wait another year (I had promised about 18 months ago to reveal the plan and that was 2 plans ago now)…here’s what the finished house will look like.

2000 sq ft with 3 bedrooms, 2 ½ baths and an office…AND A REAL KITCHEN!  Yay!

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5 Responses to AND…We’re Off…

  1. Jack and Andrea de Lestard says:

    Great News all the way around!! So happy for you both! House looks wonderful and the fact you have plans approved and all the appropriate things in place to move forward is an awesome Blessing!!

    Love you both,
    Jack and Andrea

  2. Linda Baker says:

    Love it! Specially the porch.

  3. Marg Petker says:

    It’s been a wait but well worth it. . . love the design of your new home to be!

  4. Dad and Mum says:

    Such good news. Thanks for keeping us up-t0-date, Karen. The range of your and Ross’ skills is so wonderful that we are always thankful that you can do so many things yourselves. You are also blessed with skilled helpers for many of the tasks .

    Continued blessings to you both,

    Dad and Mum

  5. Patti Scott-Moncrieff says:

    Exciting news! You have been so patient, taking one
    Step at a time. Very happy for you both.

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