Burning or Bulldozing?

New Engine

  • We’ll BURN – April 3/16 is the target date!  Stay tuned for pictures and video of the event.
  • But a Bulldozer will probably get involved afterward for the final cleanup.

This last 10 days has had a number of hurdles thrown at us and a lot of work in trying to keep our target date.  I woke up today, thinking of the tremendous gift we have been given with the journey we are on.  We are starting to build new relationships with a new community and I am overwhelmed by the warmth and generosity of others.

Our partnership with the amazing volunteers working under the direction of Chief Bruce Green has been such a blessing.  They seem tireless in doing the preparation (a.k.a. cleanup) that needs to take place to make The Burn a safe and non toxic one.  All they asked was that I drop a refuse bin onto the property and they have done the rest.  These generous people who are becoming our brothers and sisters in our new community have unknowingly made us feel accepted and welcomed into the area without us even having stayed a night there yet or having met them.  And we feel a connection with them that we couldn’t have anticipated because of their work on our behalf.  This is such a reminder to me of how our service to others has far more impact on our world than our words ever could.

One of the hurdles that we are overcoming right now and hoping for a timely resolution so that The Burn won’t get put off is that asbestos was found in the building.  So this last week has seen it’s safe removal and disposal.  One of the things impeding us being done in time was the cabinetry, toilets, doors and trims standing in the way of a quick HazMat removal.  In keeping Chief Bruce up to date, I had no idea that he would arrange for volunteers to go in the same day and get all the “stuff in the way, out of the way” and the HazMat people would honour that and come in quickly.  The property is now sealed up for week while safe disposal happens.

Around the same time, it was such a blessing to get Chief Bruce’s email saying that the stuff was all removed and then to get another one within minutes saying that he had arranged for Habitat for Humanity to come and they took all the appliances away.  It was done and I didn’t have to make a phone call or take a drive up Island.  I am humbled by the warmth and generous spirits of the people that will soon become our neighbours.

Our prayer for this new property is that all who enter will feel welcome and feel a part of something bigger than this world has to offer and find peace there.  May our words and actions be a reflection of the One that we serve.

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