Concrete & Dirt…Done!

May 20/18

This month’s beautiful weather helped us get the foundation work finished, the rv washed and our garden in.

It started with sealing the foundation and then the drainage work…around the perimeter of the house and some extra under the house in the unlikely event that the water table gets too high.  

3 slinger loads of drain rock and 8 slinger loads of foundation fill (121 yards of rocks total) and a little levelling and we had what we needed to put the vapour barrier into the foundation.

Then we went to work on the mountains of dirt in our yard.  5 huge piles of dirt from the foundation dig was reduced to one small pile.  We took a weekend and rented an excavator, a little dumping machine and a couple of tampers and moved the dirt around the property and back to the foundation walls so that there was no more trench to work around. (This was after Ross had built the concrete pillars to support the posts for the second floor and roof extensions.) 






We had lots of good dirt so we added 75’ of raised garden bed and we put some fill down at the front of the property in the low areas.  We are constantly amazed at the lack of rocks on our lot.  We know that the Black Creek area is huge rock farm and that the lot we just sold is nothing but rocks but we have none.  We have found 1 boulder but really nothing else and we have a good layer of soil as well.  It’s strange but we are thankful for it.

Last week the concrete slab was poured.  We had arranged for some helpers and a pumper truck and the concrete to come on Tuesday afternoon.  Ross was busy making notes on the order that things needed to happen and we were a little nervous about the garage floor and a bunch of enthusiastic but not very experienced “old guys” getting the job done before the concrete set up – all in one afternoon.  Our concrete guru wasn’t able to help us so we were on our own.  Sunday afternoon (after 3 separate recommendations the week prior to not do the garage floor ourselves) we got a call from a neighbour saying call this company “right now”.  He can do your garage floor for an excellent deal.  So…we took the hint…and called.   Turns out that they had a cancellation for the next morning and came and did the garage floor.  They did an excellent job and we realized that we were out of our element (we were going to do it on a hot afternoon – bad idea #1 – and at the same time as the crawl space – bad idea #2) so it was a good call.  While they were doing the garage, they had another job postpone and said that they would do the crawlspace slab the next day for less than the pumper truck was going to cost.  Another excellent choice.  Concrete DONE!



This last week has been a little less hectic…we have worked on the garden area completing the beds, planting and getting irrigation over there.  







Next step is to get the crawl space pony walls built and foundation ready for our floor joists and sheeting to arrive in 3 weeks.  We are so thankful to be now working with wood, something we are much more familiar with.

Thank you for following along with our adventure!




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2 Responses to Concrete & Dirt…Done!

  1. Jack and Andrea G. de Lestard says:

    Wow!! You both are amazing! Jack says you’re both very adventurous!

    We are Praising the Lord for all He’s helping you both to accomplish and for the neighbor who had your best interests at heart in pointing you to the cement guy to get the two jobs done! God is truly AMAZING.

    Keep your blogs coming! We are so excited to read each one that shows God’s faithfulness to His servants who wait on Him!

    Love you both,
    Andrea and Jack

  2. Dad and Mum says:

    More evidence of God’s blessings on your home building project. His timing is often last minute but is providing helpers just when you need them.
    Looking forward to developments as they continue.

    Dad and Mum H

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