Everything Finally in One Place!

July 6/16

IMG_1968We and all that we own are here in the Comox Valley.  Our 2 moving days were busy but went very smoothly.  Turns out that we cannot get all our belongings into a 30 foot moving van even with all Ross’ shop stuff already moved…  We had to rent a UHaul truck to help finish.

After Ross arrived home from Alberta, we had a packing day and the next day 2 Burley Men movers came.  With Ross and John Wason’s help, we loaded our things from the suite and then made our way out to the storage locker and emptied it.  The movers would be delivering/unloading the next day in Black Creek, but we, Ross, John and I made our way in convoy to the Comox Valley that afternoon.  John had all the fragile stuff in his van, Ross drove the UHaul and I followed along in my “empty” little SmartCar.  A long drive after a very tiring day!

IMG_1963The next day, we were up early to get the UHaul unloaded into the containers before the movers arrived.  Peter and Sandy came out mid morning to help and it was a very busy time.  My job was to direct the box deliveries to “Door #1, 2 or 3”.  Door #1 (or Container 1) was for things that  we might need access to before the house is finished.  Door #2 was everything else and was packed tight.  Door #3 is reserved for a tiny workshop and keeping building materials safe and dry.  6 box carrying movers and 1 director…needless to say, my brain was very tired by 3pm when all was finished.  I was grateful that I didn’t have to drive back to Victoria with John that evening.2016_06_19_RabeyRetirement
2 Burley Men sent great guys to us.  They were very patient as I read box labels and gave direction and tried hard to prevent anyone from standing around.  We couldn’t have asked for more cooperation and flexibility.  And without the help of such good friends, we would have been many hours longer in the unloading.  We went to bed and slept for 12 hours being thankful for the blessings delivered to us those 2 days.







Ross’ last day before returning to work was spent wiring up the containers and getting dehumidifiers in them.  We are all set now for whatever is coming next.  Our plan is to build after the extra lot sells.  We could have the summer off or not…only God knows for sure…


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