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July 2/17

2 big announcements!

Isn't he the most gorgeous baby you've ever seen!

Roman Ellery… Isn’t he the most gorgeous baby you’ve ever seen!

1.   We are grandparents! And couldn’t be more thrilled and proud!Roman Ellery Harmsworth made his entrance early (we expected him to come in August) on June 28, 2017.  5 lb. 13 oz. and almost 19” long.  As you can see he is a very handsome boy (as said by a very proud Gramma) and looks just like his daddy at that age.  1986-04_000He arrived very healthy with red hair, all his fingers and toes announcing himself which was encouraging since he was about 6 weeks early.  He is currently in the NICU at the hospital in Saskatoon because he keeps forgetting to breath on his own so they are keeping him there to help with that.  But he is doing well and making progress every day.   He is gaining weight and eating well and he is bringing so much joy to his mommy and daddy.  Courtney and Michael are such troopers going back and forth to the hospital each day to be with him.  All of us are hoping that he will be able to go home soon.  We are not sure when we will get out to meet him…we don’t want to intrude on their little family right now.  We have a trip planned for August but that is so far away…



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2.   Ross is coming home!  The decision has been made that he will give his notice and come home for good by the middle of August.  He is starting up Harmsworth Electric again (without the LTD) and working for himself and will sleep in his own bed every night (can you hear the “happy dance” Karen is doing?).  He is already finding some work so that is awesome.  He will miss working with Michael but the two of them can trouble shoot their jobs together by cell phone which is the next best thing.


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He has also secured a part time/temporary bus driving position for one of the private schools in the area as well…a couple of afternoons a week.  We are confident that all our needs will be met with him home and that it is time to give up that job.

IMG_2461As an aside…an update.  May 10th, on her way home from working in Victoria, Karen was in a car accident in her little Smartcar.  At the top of the Malahat, in the pitch dark, she was one of several vehicles (and the smallest by far) to hit a large rock in the middle of the road.  The car was rendered undriveable but it didn’t flip and it didn’t come into contact with the meridian or other cars…so thankful for that.  She ended up having it towed to Courtenay and then back to Naniamo to the dealership for repairs which took 4 weeks.  The dealership said that by the looks of the damage, there was a miraculous save…like the car was lifted away from the rock (she doesn’t remember flying through the air).  Insurance covered everything and it’s back on the road again and by the grace of God, Karen didn’t have any injuries.  Special thank you to the Wason’s who came and rescued her and helped her with the logistics of getting home with the car.

That’s our big news!  Thanks for rejoicing with us!

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3 Responses to Family News

  1. Linda Baker says:

    So much exciting news! Sending love to baby Roman – early but clearly ready for the world. How wonderful Ross will soon be home for good! And good heavens – how blessed you are, Karen, to walk away from a meet-up with a rock…unscathed! Clearly your guardian angels were watching over you. So much to be grateful for! Xo

  2. k_harmsworth says:

    Much love to you, Linda, and thank you for rejoicing with us!

  3. Patti and Bryan Scott-Moncrieff says:

    Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful grandson!! We love being grandparents, and so will you!! I cannot even imagine the photograph albums you will create as he grows! We also are so glad Ross is coming home! That will be so awesome for all of you. Your pioneer spirit with your lot preparations is incredible. It will all come together before you know it.

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