God’s Fingerprint of Approval

sold house copy  Goodbye Victoria, Hello Black Creek

After 34 years of living, renovating and loving in Victoria, we have decided to move our adventures to Northern Vancouver Island.  With the boys are not planning on settling here, there is nothing holding us to city life anymore.  Where do we want to go?That was the question whose answer led us to look in the Comox Valley area, specifically Black Creek.

This journey started out by us being referred to a gem of a realtor to help us.  Terri has been a gift to us with her knowledge of the area and her thoroughness as a realtor.  2249 Enns Road was the 2nd property that we put an offer on.  (The first deal we let go because of some major problems that Terri found.)

March 8th we take possession of 1.6 acres surrounded by agricultural land – 2249 Enns Road – with the plan to demolish the buildings and build our retirement home.  We are excited!

Shortly after getting an agreement to purchase in Black Creek, we decided that we should sell the Glanford home.  It was a difficult decision because we had put 20 years of renovations into it and we had great tenants in the Wason’s and we knew that they were not quite ready to leave yet.  Hat in hand, we told them of our plan to find an investor, sell privately and try to secure a lease for them with the new owner.  They were so gracious to us when they heard and we are so thankful for their friendship.

The very next day, they came to us and told us of their plan to try to purchase the property.  We were cautiously excited…afterall, how could a missionary family that lives on a fluctuating income and no T4 possibly make this kind of purchase…

By God’s grace, they did it.  They take possession on March 1, 2016 and we will become their tenants for a few months while we start our build.  We are in awe of everything that has happened between the start of our search in October until now.  There is a miraculous feel to this whole adventure and we feel God’s fingerprint of approval on this next stage of our life.

Stay tuned upcoming chapters – Do we Burn it or Bull Doze it…

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