House Warming Party

House warming the non traditional way!

House warming the non traditional way!

After a lot of effort on many people’s parts in the previous 3 weeks, we got the demolition permit in time for the Oyster River Fire Dept to burn it on their schedule.  We didn’t think it was going to happen because asbestos was found in 50% of the flooring so a Haz Mat team had to come in to remediate it.  We found a gem of a company in Home Soulutions Remediation that pushed us to the front of the line so that the fire dept could keep their schedule.  They were thorough, fair and before quoting on the job, found more than the assessment company found so we knew what we were getting ourselves into.  Highly recommend these guys!

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April 3rd – the Burning!
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What can be said…you had to be there!





About 20 firefighters (⅓ of them women and a number of new trainees ) wore all day, ear to ear grins with their firefighting gear and it was exciting to watch!
We made them lunch and they worked up appetites.  Before setting the whole place on fire, they conducted about 15 training burns where they would light and put out fires in different places in the house.  When the training was all done, they strategically lit the house so that it would hopefully all land on the foundation (which it did). And 1 hour later there was nothing left that was combustible.  It’s amazing how everything just disappeared in the fire.  It burned hot, but chose where to throw it’s heat.  The plastic on the green house (right next to the garage) was intact after all was said and done. Amazing!  Chief Bruce said that fire is a living breathing thing and can’t alway be predictable so no promises as to what would be left.  We were pretty happy with the results.
House Burning Vinette

Special thanks to Shelly Wason Photography for providing most of the photos in this post!

Wanna see some Videos?

12 Second Highlight courtesy of Shelly Wason Photography.

3 minute video detailing the Big Burn.

3 minute video with Captain Ron explaining a training exercise.

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