In the Heat of Summer

August 17/17

IMG_2757Since the last post, we have been watching our sweet grandson grow through photos. IMG_0555 Roman is doing well.  He’s home and growing like a weed; he sleeps while his parents don’t get much and his full time job is extreme cuteness.  We are looking forward to our visit with him (and Michael and Courtney) next week.


Ross’ last two home times have been very busy.  We have had a ton of company (who wouldn’t want to visit the Comox Valley in the summer, right?!) and we have still managed to get the pad in for the mobile home which arrives on the 24th.

IMG_2645Our furthest guests (family) came from Holland and we had a wonderful, relaxed visit with Karen’s brother, Alan and wife, Sylvie.





The placement of the mobile (on the lot that was for sale) is at the back adjacent to the containers.  We had to do a little blackberry bush clearing and take out an apple tree to accommodate it but we are happy with the decision to plant it there so that the bulk of the lot is left for development.


IMG_2649 IMG_2710

IMG_2714Then the digging began.  Our friend, Ralph loaned his backhoe to Ross (which has a steep learning curve to master) and Ross used it to clear the brush and take out the tree, to dig the area for the mobile pad and to fill in the second well that was in the middle of the yard.  Forms got built (incorporating lessons learned from the last set under the containers and it went so much better) with mostly borrowed wood from a project on the go with friends of ours which saved us a lot of $$ and concrete got poured.  Start to finish the pad took 6 very long hard days.  Our nephew David was home from university and graciously came out to help with the concrete day.  Such a gift!  He’s very familiar with concrete work and is a hard worker.   He was a great encouragement and blessing to Uncle Ross and his very tired body.  We got a great visit in and catch up with him as well.

IMG_2736 IMG_2749 IMG_2750 IMG_2755 IMG_2760

Karen took a little spill at the beginning of June which resulted in a pretty badly sprained ankle.  Her time has been spent in the healing process and preparing for tomorrow’s trip to an Adrian cousin’s reunion and to see Michael, Courtney and Baby Roman.  The sewing machine has been getting a workout as she has sewn for herself and the baby.  Watering the new lawn and the garden has kept her walking.  Her ankle journey has included crutches, a walker and a brace but she is walking carefully but freely after 8 weeks.


That’s it for now.  Until next time…

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