Keeping Busy While We Wait

August 16/16

IMG_2080We are patiently waiting for our extra lot to sell.  There have quite a number of calls and some lookers, but nothing in writing.  We are feeling that is now getting a little late in the season to be thinking about breaking ground this year as we really don’t want to be pushing to get to lock up before the rainy season hits… so we wait.  We are so thankful for a nice place to live at the Rabey’s as we get to know our new community and look towards another Westcoast winter.



We decided that until there is something more exciting and interesting to do, we will work on taming the fence lines of our chosen lot.  If you know us, you know that it wouldn’t take Blog Simple Gallery 4x6 ldscp photo adj - Page 004much to get us interested in something else and put the yard work off.  But we are blessed to have a yard to work in and taming the land is mostly labour and doesn’t cost much.



So we cut, saw, prune, weed whack and discourage the unwanted bushes and weeds.  Ross and his truck (affectionately called “the Beast” – after you watch the video you will know why) pull stumps (small ones) and it also provides a good platform for a ladder to get to the high places.

Blog Simple Gallery 4x6 ldscp photo adj - Page 006Karen continues to cut the lawns, Jasmine now has a harness and joins her on the mower (she probably doesn’t prefer it, but she really doesn’t like to get left in the car so she puts up with the noise and vibration.



Ross’ time home in July, we spent a day with the Rabey’s at Sproat Lake and were treated to a Mars Bomber show.

Mars bombers

Blog Simple Gallery 4x6 ldscp photo adj - Page 002


Blog Simple Gallery 4x6 ldscp photo adj - Page 005We continued from there and went to Tofino for a visit with Gil & Hilda Sadler for a few days.  While there, our friend Gil, taught Ross how to deal with mites in the chickens…we don’t really see chickens in our future…Ross got a little golfing in and Karen visited and did lots of reading.  It was nice to take a break.

Mid July, Karen and Jasmine said goodbye to the Rabey’s and moved into the house full-time. On Ross’ next days home, we moved the RV to our property and stayed in it while we worked on the yard between rain storms.

IMG_2086 Wason’s gave Karen 2 of her rhododendrons from the Glanford property so those got planted and Ross built a raised bed for her blackberry canes that she brought with her from Victoria.  Just the act of putting plants from our previous home into the ground made it feel  like we had found our new home even without a house.  We have seen a family of rabbits (big ones) and evidence of deer on the properties.  We now realize that we are unknowingly feeding them (probably why they are there) from the 2 apple, 2 pear and a plum tree we found on lot 3.  One of the apple trees needed picking and gave us 4 crates of apples.  But we could only reach half the tree so we are still feeding the local wildlife.

IMG_2101Besides keeping the lawns cut while Ross is away, Karen has been dealing with the FREE fruit…apple sauce, apple juice, dehydrated apple bits, blackberry jam and in her spare time…quilting.  We are so thankful to be living in a house that has room for cooking and hobbies!

Click here for the video of “the Beast” conquering the land.

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3 Responses to Keeping Busy While We Wait

  1. Jack and Andrea says:

    Wow! Even “while you wait” you are working hard!!! Looks great! Praying your lot will sell soon so you at least will know you are building as soon as spring comes?

    Stop by and see us next time you come to Victoria! We miss you both!
    Love from us both.

  2. Dad and Mum says:

    Thanks for the latest news. You do have a lot to do while waiting for the lot to sell.

    I don’t seem able to get the video of the Beast at work. Please advise.

    Love from Dad and Mum

  3. k_harmsworth says:

    Yes…we do seem to keep busy. To see the video, click on the coloured words “watch the video” or the link at the bottom of the post and it might take a minute to load.

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