As We Look Toward the Spring

January 24/17IMG_2173

This has been a winter unlike anything I have ever experienced.  Wind storm after wind storm (many in excess of 50km) bringing many inches of rains… and then the snow.  The “lots of it and not going away soon” type.  We got almost 2 feet on the property and it stayed for over 8 weeks!   Even the local people say that this isn’t normal for the Comox Valley.  Had we been in the RV for the winter, this would have been a real adventure.   (Feb.4th) And as we finally see green land, we get another foot of snow in the last 24 hours…deep sigh…

IMG_2017What have we been doing since the last blog post 3 months ago?  We spent some time in the fall working on clearing the foliage from the borders of our lot.  It’s much easier when there are no leaves to shield our view of what we are cutting.  We didn’t quite get finished before the weather turned but a good start happened.

We have a resident rabbit (living under the containers), we call him “Stew” and he forced us to put a fence around my blackberry patch.


We looked into building a container home, but in the end with all the engineering costs and rules for living spaces (different regulations than using containers for anything else), it was going to be at least the same cost as building our forever home so we scratched that idea and moved on in our thinking to what might be next.

IMG_1691Ross was home for the month of December so we decided to look at getting prepared to live on the property full time when the Rabey’s get home this spring.  The 5th wheel is very comfortable for us but it lacks the space to accommodate Karen’s work or hobbies so we decided to convert container #3 into additional living space. After all,we don’t know exactly how long we might be living in the RV…

We found a couple of windows and a good door at the Habitat for Humanity Restore for an excellent price and Ross set about cleaning out the container and getting it ready for insulating.

He installed an insulated floor and masked off anything that he didn’t want insulated.

Insulating done!

Insulating done!

Insulating Day!

Insulating Day!

He found a company, Tsolum Spray Foam Insulation, that was willing to come out over the holidays to spray it out which was cheaper than doing it himself.  Such a find!  We now have a purple room which he is framing in to get ready for wiring.




When I visited the property this week, I found a broken water pipe.  An example of how cold it got and when it finally thawed out…flooding in the front yard.  A kind neighbour came to my rescue in getting the water turned off for me so that Ross can deal with fixing it when he gets back.  Even the neighbour said that we just don’t see the kind of cold we’ve had.  I’m so grateful for handy neighbours!  2 days later, all sign of water was gone.  A validation that we have good perk for a septic system.


With the snow gone, we are praying the lot will show and sell so that we can get moving on our building.  There have been inquiries but no offers yet.


We spent Christmas with Michael and Courtney at their new home in Langham, SK.  It was a lovely week of being together with a special blessing of finding out that we are going to be welcoming our first grandchild into the family this summer.  So exciting!

IMG_2078 IMG_2095

That’s all our news for now.  Thanks for following along with our adventure.

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3 Responses to As We Look Toward the Spring

  1. Dad and Mum says:

    Hi Karen and Ross. Thanks for this good update in word and pictures. You have made a lot of progress in readiness for when the extra lot sells. We’ll keep praying, as usual, for God’s will to be done (but please make it happen sooner rather than later).


  2. Pat says:

    So great to keep updated. Please continue with your adventures. I’m looking at snow right now so wondering what you’re dealing with again. Spring is coming!!!

  3. Jack and Andrea says:

    Thanks for the update! Thought about you last weekend and how it was good of the Lord to not let the retreat hold at Honeymoon Bay as there likely would have been a few cancellations! There is a lot of snow in Victoria, too, but none like up where you are I’m sure. The insulated container will be a real blessing – even if your lot sells (which we do pray it does in early spring!), as space is always needed!!

    So very glad that you’ve been at the Rabey’s for the winter, Karen. Living in an RV during storms and being alone would have been not very ideal at all!

    Our love and prayers are with you both.

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