Making the Most of the Evacuation

June 12/16 part 2

IMG_1957In addition to getting Lot 2 ready for sale, we were very busy getting our property ready to receive containers to get our belongings out of storage and onto our own land.  We gave our notice to the Wason’s and the storage unit for the end of June so that is our target.

Ross kept really busy while home…he fit in a couple of electrical jobs as well as:

  • We went back to the designer to modify the house plans for a more conservative home.  It is looking great and we are excited about it.
  • During the first sunny days, Ross reinforced the seals on the 5th Wheel and did some maintenance on truck and RV – getting it ready for winter.
  • Ross put concrete foundation walls and drainage on the container site on the back of our lot with the help of his brother, Paul and nephew, Ben.  We are thankful for these 2 guys that are excited about concrete!
  • We get electricity to our property and Ross builds a temporary service so we can have power for the RV and equipment.
  • 6 truck loads of gravel later, he has good drainage and landscape fabric placed under the container site.  And sore shovelling muscles!
  • Ross’ brother, Paul, and nephew, David, came one day with all Paul’s survey equipment and did some surveying and placed some pins on our lot so that we have reference points for the work we hope to do.  Awesome gift of time and talent on a drizzly day!
  • The containers arrive!  3 extra tall 20 foot containers sitting side by side and ready for loading.  The delivery guy was excited to try to put the containers on the foundations without the help of a crane.  We were told it couldn’t be done… Perfectly landed! and saved us some $$.
  • Ross builds Karen a trailer for her lawn mower.
  • One of the containers gets interior decorated with shelving (salvaged materials from building the foundation) for easy access to our things.
  • Regional water gets brought to both lots.
  • The 5th wheel makes it’s way back to Victoria as extra beds needed for the Victoria wedding reception weekend for Michael and Courtney.  Brad made it home for a couple of days as well from Atlanta, Georgia.  We missed his wife, Xtina, but a great weekend was had by all.
  • We packed most of the suite and got the 5th wheel ready to move into and took it back to Courtenay the day after the reception.
  • Ross went back to work in Fort Mac 2 days later feeling good about all that was accomplished while he was off.


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This next turn around, Ross will fly into Victoria for the last time and we will have a day to get ready for the movers to come and then we will wish Victoria, our home for 34 years, “a fond farewell” and a “see you every once in a while for a visit” and we and all our earthly belongings will make their way to Black Creek in a moving van.  It will be great to finally be planted in one place.

** NEW ADDRESS:  2249 Enns Road, Black Creek, BC  V9J 1H7 **

Our new house plan is in its final stages of being approved and I will share it soon…I promise.

Thanks for sharing our journey with us!

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5 Responses to Making the Most of the Evacuation

  1. Marg Petker says:

    Wow so many changes in your lives. Wishing you well on your new adventure. I’m hoping to be coming up to the Island in August is the plan and I hope I might connect with you then, Marg

  2. Pat Stuart says:

    Great to see how things are coming along. Thank you for the update. It was such a pleasure and privilege to enjoy the wedding weekend with you all. We will continue to look for postings and to pray all goes well.


  3. k_harmsworth says:

    We look forward to seeing you, Marg.

  4. Dixie & Rick says:

    Wow you guys have been busy! Glad to see you and Ross (& family) were able to get so many things done while he was off work, but happy to hear he’s back and all is well.
    We’ll be praying for the sale of the 2nd lot, and look forward to seeing you both in September when we come out to visit. Love & Hugs…

  5. Aunty Jo says:

    I am so happy for you. I am glad you have found a nice place too call home again. How exciting to be building a new home.

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