Mud, Mud, Mud and More Mud!

March 25/17

IMG_2297The septic is in and our yard is a big muddy mess!  But the septic is in…  Lots of big equipment came and went over a couple of cold, wet mucky days and we so appreciate Accelerated Excavation for getting to it quickly.  Our friend Nick from Huxham Contracting did all the digging and he even cleaned up the front fence line for us which was only partially done from our efforts in the fall.  We have a couple of burn piles and lots of mud which hopefully will dry up with nicer weather.

The finishing work of topsoil and such will wait until after the house foundation excavation which I’ve been told creates a BIGGER mess than the septic did but will produce good finishing soil.

Here’s a quick video

Our verbal offer didn’t follow through so we are still praying for a buyer.

IMG_2330We have seen Stew and Stew the 2nd (yep…twins) fairly regularly and they are fat and happy living under the container and eating at the neighbour’s place.  They will have to go before I plant a garden but for now they aren’t hurting anything.

This last time home, Ross got the floor of the container painted, the lock set on the door and some modifications started to the one window that has leaked.  We are always learning something and container building has a learning curve.


IMG_1912 He worked hard to get the septic clean outs for the RV done so that we can move there next week.  Because the land is so soft from all the digging, we will start out on the far side of the container and when it gets drier and the dirt hardens, we will move to the sunny side and our permanent RV pad.

IMG_2340    IMG_1896

I’ve got the house pretty much all packed up and ready to move out.  This will be the 4th time I’ve packed up and moved in 12 months.  It’s getting a little old, but I’m grateful that we have always had someplace to live while we are in this transitional period of our lives.  We are hoping that one of the many inquiries that we are getting on our lot will materialize into a sale soon so that we can start the next phase of the plan.

Thanks for following along with us.  Until next time…

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2 Responses to Mud, Mud, Mud and More Mud!

  1. Jack and Andrea de Lestard says:

    Lots of progress being made although I’m sure you don’t feel that way sometimes😞
    Those bunnies are sure fat!!😃 We shall be praying your lot sells. And in time for you to start building this late spring. Bless you both! Love, Jack & Andrea

  2. Dad and Mum says:

    Thanks, Karen . Sorry the latest inquiry didn’t work out but glad there are other prospects. I see what you mean about mud. Are there many rocks in the soil. It look like there are. Maybe the ground will be not too hard to work when you get to the garden-making time.
    Lots of love from Dad and Mum H

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