A New Season in 2018

As Fall has slipped by in our busyness, we are again finding ourselves in a new season in our life.  Long distance grandparents and ready to build our home.

January 1, 2018’s view of our lots. About to change this next year.

I can’t really believe that it has been 3½ months since my last post.  Time really flies when you are busy!  This fall was full with finishing up work on the mobile and getting some things done that would prepare our living environment for the winter – there has been forecast of a hard winter like last one with the big difference for us of being in the 5th wheel instead of a nice warm home.  We did some enclosing and insulating from the outside to help with heat loss and we lit the property better with motion lights.

the mobile gets a porch

John & Ross tamp the driveway

driveway base replaces the mud

insulating the rv for winter

We expanded the driveway to clean-up the back area and prevent tons of mud from migrating into our living space and we went through the storage seacan and unpacked somethings that we needed to make longterm living in the rv easier.

We decided to put the mobile up for sale and we have everything in place to break ground for our home in the spring once the land is a little less wet and we can have a cleaner dig and nicer building weather.  We had the designer make some changes to our house plans and have sent them in to the engineer to get his seal of validation which is a requirement for our building permit.  All seems to be going better and quicker than expected.  We are so thankful for that.

a happy collector car

Karen’s red volvo was approved for collector plates which has been exciting and the savings on insurance paid for a canvas carport to protect it from the winter.  We have already had the extremes in weather so we are happy to have a large dry space that can be used for more than just keeping a car.  We have had lots of cold mixed with many inches of rain and even snow that stuck around for a couple of weeks (twice!)



rain, rain & more rain

we got 2 dumps of snow before Christmas


Karen made a trip to see our precious grandson, Roman and Michael & Courtney for a week in November which was a highlight.  He was 4 months already and getting so big.  And we also had lots of family visit this fall so our “guest bedroom” is getting lots of use.  We are in the midst of putting in a 2 piece bathroom in that container which helps when we have guests.  We may be in a small space, but we are comfortable and seem to be able to manage just fine.  Karen looks forward to a larger kitchen but for now, she is able to “borrow” a kitchen when it is really necessary.  We are so thankful for our friendships in the valley!


Harmsworth Electric gets a car

Ross finished work in northern Alberta on December 8th and has restarted Harmsworth Electric.  It’s great for him to be home every night and he is looking forward to getting to know more people here in the valley and serving them with his skills.  His coming home, prompted the purchase of another volvo to pull his work trailer so we are again a 2 volvo family.  His is two years younger than Karen’s, not quite as pristine condition but is perfect for what we need.  It will get its tow package this week and will be ready to pull the Harmsworth Electric Trailer.

Christmas was quiet for us this year as the kids stayed at their respective homes for the event.  We did fly to Saskatoon to have a week with the Michael, Courtney and Roman last week.  The weather made the trip interesting (6 flight changes, a trip to Victoria and a day later we finally got there.) Karen experienced what cold can be like in the prairies and has great compassion for Ross having done 5 winters in those frigid temperatures.  Needless to say, she was happy to just stay in and cuddle with 6 month old Roman who is getting very busy and fun.

Grampa & Roman

Gramma & Roman










The next thing…building our home!




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6 Responses to A New Season in 2018

  1. Sue Martin says:

    Great to catch up, and how cute is Roman!!

  2. Marion Driedger says:

    Thanks for all the sharing- love to see the photos and progression of your adventure- and what a cutie-pie that Roman is!

  3. Dad and Mum says:

    Thanks for another super update, Karen. Your patience has been rewarded again.We so admire the skills Ross and you have, to be able to do so many things to help your plans progress.
    Love from us both,

  4. Jack and Andrea says:

    So happy to hear Ross is home with you, Karen, to stay! Such great photos of you both and your adorable grandson! Thanks for the update and the pics.
    Love to you both,
    Jack and Andrea

  5. Bronwyn Dunn says:

    Looking forward to seeing you in September!

  6. k_harmsworth says:

    Australia comes to Black Creek! Can’t wait!

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