As Winter Approaches

October  16/16img_2187

Stormy winter has arrived here in the Comox Valley with torrential rains and record winds.  It is so nice to be tucked away in the Rabey’s home and watching it instead of experiencing it in the RV.  Speaking of…

img_2148Karen said goodbye to Peter and Sandy the first week of September and moved back into the house full time.  She is expecting to be there until next April when they plan to return.
By the time Ross arrived home in the middle of September, the driveway installation was well underway, and our friends, Rick & Dixie had arrived from Manitoba to spend their vacation with us.








img_2168 img_2170The first day home was a busy one!  Ross rented a 1000 lb. tamper, and the guys worked hard at  getting the first layer tamped down well.  By 3pm in the afternoon, the job was done and they were tired.



THEN the dump truck arrived with the next layer of road base.  More tamping!  But by the end of the day, the driveway was finished, the guys were exhausted but we felt ready for the rains to come and have secured good access to our property.   We are so thankful for such good friends to help with such an arduous job.




The bonus project was the lawns getting cut…a by product of everyone wanting to take Karen’s mower for a spin.  With those jobs out of the way, we spent the rest of Ross & Rick’s week off being tourists in our own town and relaxing.  A good vacation break for both guys.  Dixie stayed on with Karen for another 10 days and they did more sightseeing and got started on some studies in Aromatherapy, an interest for them both.

img_2185 img_2199

The storms hit hard just before Ross got home last week from his 2 “getting colder” weeks of work in AB.  High winds and lots of rain in the Comox Valley.  When we went out to the property the day after his arrival, we found that 2 smallish trees had fallen (one on top of the other) and that they had missed the 5th wheel by about 6 feet.  img_2218So thankful for the safety of our little home which we then took the time to close up and get ready for winter.  Ross looked after some vehicle maintenance and we have finally settled on a church near our home.

Our lot hasn’t sold yet and we’ve been praying for direction as to what to do next.  It doesn’t seem right to just do nothing for the winter.  We approached the CVRD (Comox Valley Regional District) regarding by laws building tiny homes (each of our lots can have 2 homes on them).  It was interesting to find out that “we are allowed to build a tiny home on wheels, but we are not allowed to live in it”.  So much for that idea.  Then Ross went back and chatted with them about container homes and they got all excited about that prospect.  So we are exploring the options and costs of what that would look like. It would be a project unlike anything we’ve ever done before and could be fun. It will be interesting to see what the future holds on that…the only thought we have right now is that until lot 3 sells, we are not considering building our “big” house.

Thanks for following our journey…until the next time there’s something to report…

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  1. Dad and Mum says:

    Thanks, Karen, for this latest update on your adventure. How wonderful to have Rick and Dixie, for help and to take a break yourself, to do some sightseeing with them.

    Your “letters” are so full of gratitude and trust.. They are encouraging for all of us and show your faith shining through. Glad you have found your new church home.

    God bless,

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