The Promise of What’s to Come has Started

A Promise of Blessing (and that the land will not flood)!

With the onset of a month of nicer weather (drier) setting in at the end of February,

sod turning celebration

we got our foundation in. I’m not sure what more to say about that because it is all just mud and concrete. It took us about 2 weeks and the photos document the process.

We had great help, and on the day that the foundation was poured, 2 of our neighbours came out to help which was such a blessing. It was exciting to see it all come together. We hired a very experienced concrete/builder guy to help us get from start to finish with the foundation (but Ross follows directions very well and actually helped him).

Excavator arrives in the snow

perfect digging

Starting to form

Building footings

Concrete pumping for footings

Concrete footings

Rented forms for the foundation walls

Concrete pumping for foundation

5 guys excited to be working concrete

Finished foundation

The job went very smoothly and felt very stress free to us because we didn’t know what could have gone wrong and didn’t hear those stories until after we were finished. We didn’t have any problems or hiccups at all.





We have security cameras on the property now (stealing construction materials is a big problem) and we can capture video of the process of the house going up. I’m hoping to capture enough video footage to watch the house get built in 3 minutes. I look forward to sharing that with you all at some point.

We have been working on drainage around the perimeter of the house, under the slab and out to the ditch. Our goal is to have the dirt moved back around the foundation so that we are ready for the first delivery of our floor joists and materials in about 8 weeks. We are building with Pacific Homes and they will prebuild our walls and then send them on a crane truck fully insulated and ready to go up. 4 crane trucks later (on our schedule) we should be sided and to the roofing stage and be locked up. We are not sure when that will be but we are fairly certain that it will happen before the end of the year at the latest.

The mobile is still for sale. We have had lots of interest and a number of offers so that is going well. Karen has planted a little garden and Ross has animal proofed it to increase the chances of a harvest.

The rains started back in after we were done the foundation so we choose our days to be out on the property working. A lesson learned after getting a borrowed backhoe stuck in the mud.  We have had many days when we have gotten 1-2cm of rain in the daylight hours. We have a weather station to entertain us now because the wind and rains this winter have been overwhelming at times and its interesting to know what is actually going on.

Until next time…

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3 Responses to The Promise of What’s to Come has Started

  1. Linda Baker says:

    Love hearing about your progress. AND – what did Ross do to animal-proof your veggie garden? Wayne’s working on ours (we can barely imagine ourselves as gardeners! ) We’ve been reading up on the internet about the kind of fence that should keep out raccoons, rats, mice, feral rabbits. No deer here yet. But email me?

  2. Jack and Andrea G. de Lestard says:

    Super great blog and progress! So pleased for you both! I keep watching your weather and praying the rain will soon stop (for all of us!). Keep up the great work.

    Love you both,
    Andrea and Jack

  3. Dad and Mum says:

    Thanks, again, Karen. Ross has shared the good news re your other property, which must be a great relief. Our prayers have been answered.

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