The Digging Continues

July 1/17

IMG_2034Happy 150th Birthday, Canada!

I can’t believe that it’s been 3 months already since my last post.  It’s been busy!

Maybe point form would be most expedient…

Ross has been home for 36 days altogether (in 6 day increments) since the last post and we have accomplished a lot!

  • We moved back to Enns Road into the 5th wheel at the beginning of April.  It was stormy and chilly so Karen did some winterizing to help keep the propane bill down.
  • Ross finished the inside of container #3 into a laundry room/pantry/sewing room/office.  He also designed a bed that hoists to the ceiling when not in use.  Genius!

IMG_1964 IMG_2396 IMG_2618 IMG_2617

  • Dug the waterline, electrical service and internet into the ground from the street to the containers (about 300 feet).  Our friend, Ralph, blessed us by digging the trenches with his backhoe and saved us some money.  It sped things up a lot and we are so thankful for that gift.

IMG_2521 IMG_2492 IMG_2511 IMG_2525 IMG_2065 IMG_2526 IMG_2071 IMG_2535 IMG_2471

  • Ross, with the help of the neighbour boy, got the services installed in the trench and then trench filled in.
  • He put a new panel in container #1 and increased the electrical resources so that Karen didn’t keep blowing the breaker at the street anymore and she can do more than one thing at a time.  For example…run the washer and the dryer together,  or do laundry and make toast, or boil water and run her curling iron, or cook eggs and toast at the same time…I’m sure that you get the picture of how frustrating it got.
  • Then the weeds started to take over so we brought some soil in on a slinger truck and covered up the septic field and the trenching and then hydro seeded for grass.  We didn’t get really picky with the landscaping because we know that it will get damaged when we build the house but for now, we need to keep the weeds down and make it mowable.   We also brought in some mulch for the septic field in preparation for planting our black berries.

IMG_2581 IMG_2548

  • We built a raised bed garden box to get a little something edible started although it was middle of June so we might not get a lot of harvest.

IMG_2544 IMG_2546

  • Our friend, John Wason, came up for a couple of days and helped with some things.  The big thing was unloading container #2 and getting the long list of things out and then repacking it (when we packed the containers, we didn’t think that our stuff was going to be there for more than 8 months, and packed it accordingly).  We were able to get the furniture needed for the sewing room/office which was a big help to get it usable.  We are so thankful for good friends that offer a willing hand to make Ross’ day’s off a lighter load.

IMG_2537 IMG_2538

Our other lot has never sold so we have decided to take it off the market for now and we have found and purchased an older mobile home that is in good shape to put on it.  We are not sure if we will live in it until our house is built or if we will rent it, but it feels like the right next move and it’s good to have choices.  We may end up selling the lot with the improvements on it or keeping it…we aren’t really sure at this point.  We have applied for our building permit to put the foundation/pad in and this summer jobs will include that installation plus septic and services.  The mobile home will come sometime in August.

I will conclude this post for now and write a second one with our most exciting news.

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