We Beat the Weather!

September 30/18

It’s been a push and not without a bit of stress and anxious moments but the roof sheeting is on and the Ice & Water membrane that seals it up is installed.
Last night we finished it just before the fall rains started again. 

We are so thankful to have that behind us as the membrane cannot be installed in the wet and it’s very slippery when there is dew on it. 

This last 3 weeks, our neighbour, who works on roofs for a living, and his dad came and installed the sheeting on the 2nd floor roof which is  10/12 pitch (a 41° slope) and very steep.  A dangerous job and not for someone intimidated by heights.  It happened over many evenings as it is getting dark earlier now so work was happening 2 hours at a time.  But it is done…and with no accidents.  While the sheeting was happening we were not only fighting with short evening light but also a lot of rain.  Our weather station recorded 7 cm of rain falling from the sky and into our house in a 24 hour period.  Ross had to drill bigger drain holes to keep it from laying on the floors an get it funnelled into the crawl space where it could drain away.













Then last week happened…6-7 days of dry weather and sun in the forecast and it actually arrived.  We pushed Harmsworth Electric work aside, our friend, John came up from Victoria again and the sheeting got finished and we started applying the weather proof membrane.  We couldn’t have done it without the help of John (from Victoria) and John (a Black Creek friend), our neighbours and our nephew, Ben, coming alongside and working with us.  Ben also works for a roofing company and was a huge blessing to us last night in getting the membrane on the high steep portion of the 2nd floor roof.



It’s been a big push for the last few weeks.  And we are tired!  But now the rains and wind can come and the house will not be a swimming pool for the next few months until we get it completely sealed up.  (We have had rains in the night and continuing today but there are no leaks.  So thankful for that!)   The next step is the walls get their membrane on them and the doors and window installation after that.  But we can just peck away at that as we have time.

In the last 3 weeks, we have not only had our good friend and building buddy, John with us for a few days, but we’ve also had Karen’s cousin, Marlene visit from Calgary as well.  





We have had a weekend visit with Bronwyn and Peter from Australia.  Bronwyn and Karen met when they were 11 and became pen pals and have kept their friendship ever since.  They are each other’s longest time friends and we got to meet her husband, Peter, who very enthusiastically picked up the tools and helped Ross on the house while they were here. 

 It’s always an encouragement to have willing hands come to help when a job is dragging on.  Friendships with helping hands seem to energize us and push us through the tough tasks.  While Karen has watched all the activity from the ground, she has prepared many meals and put her garden to bed for the winter.  Doesn’t feel like a lot but meal prep and clean up seems to take 3 times as long in the tiny RV kitchen.  She is looking forward to this being the last winter without an accommodating workspace but is thankful for what she has.

Our long awaited 35th anniversary “mini vacation” happened this month as well.  We took 3 days off and boarded the Uchuck (the West Coast’s oldest working vessel bringing supplies to the isolated coastal communities) and took a boat ride.   The highlight was staying overnight at Kyuquot (where Karen first attended school in the one room school house in grade one).  We stopped in Esperanza for about a minute to drop off goods as one of our many deliveries (this is where we met and fell in love).  Amidst our deliveries to logging camps, fish farms and resorts and communities, we had about a dozen sightings of humpback whales, some sealions, bears and sea otters.  The water was like glass, the forecasted rains didn’t materialize and we got to experience the coast and Karen’s memories of it.  A trip we would highly recommend with Get West Vacations.  We would do this again in a heartbeat.

MV Uchuck


Amazing weather and scenery!

We started out the Spring with the goal of total lock up (doors, windows, siding and shingles) but  realized that we needed to modify the goal to just what needed to be done to protect the house…Ice and Water membrane on the roof.  With lots of prayer the goal has been met!  We are feeling very relieved to have accomplished all that we have this summer and now be past the big push against the weather.  Today is a day off!  We are not sure if we remember what a “day off” looks like but we will endeavour to figure it out.

Till next time!

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5 Responses to We Beat the Weather!

  1. Dixie Beaulieu says:

    Such a blessing! Thank you for the updates on how everyone is doing and how the house is progressing; so thankful for God’s protection on everybody!
    Looking forward to seeing you in 6 days!

  2. Marlene Adrian says:

    Congratulations on getting the roof on. It was so good to spend a few days with you this month. I’m looking forward to visiting when the house is done.

  3. Marg Petker says:

    I just love watching your home together and look forward actually seeing one day, Marg

  4. Jack & Andrea de Lestard says:

    So much amazing hard work! PTL for holding the rains off until that seal was on and to your friends who have come alongside to help you to accomplish it in time! So happy for you – and it looks wonderful already!
    Love to you both,
    Jack and Andrea

  5. Patti Scott-Moncrieff says:

    A beautiful home, incredible amount of work accomplished!So glad
    All is coming together. You will so enjoy this beautiful home
    Patti S-M

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