We Can See Land!


“We Can See Land!”

I’m sure THAT is what Noah said after 5 months in the ark.  It has been about a 5 month journey for us to get to this point.  As of last week, the lot is cleared and ready for the next phase – the building phase.

IMG_1732We chose our demo guy well!  One of the firefighters is a contractor and had all the equipment needed and so we decided to go with him.  Nick from Huxham Contracting is an artist with an excavator and watching him was impressive as he picked apart the travel trailer and separated it into recyclable and burnable parts. IMG_1768

The bonus of having a firefighter do your work and an active burn permit for the property is that he could safely burn the burnables and save tipping and cartage fees.  In the end, this whole job only filled 2 40-yard containers and everything else went to concrete or metal recycling or the burn pile.IMG_1740

We saved the burning until Ross came home and then we invited our friends (and temporary landlords) Peter and Sandy to join us for a wiener roast.  We even had the makings of S’mores.  So much fun!



We celebrated our 33rd anniversary while Ross was home this time with a little trip to Tofino for the weekend sandwiched between the burning and staking out the property lines.  We need to decidIMG_1802e where the house and storage containers would go because that is May’s priority.  We had a survey done (Bruce Lewis Land Surveying) which was most helpful and he gave us some great advice as a bonus).


We have great neighbours on either side of us that manicure their beautiful yards and our property has been cultivating weeds and dandelions for decades…how to bring the neighbourhood down…  The one neighbour has even been keeping the portion closest to her mowed (I’m sure as protection against those nasty little yellow blights).  So as our anniversary gift to each other, we went out and purchased yard maintenance equipment…Just to help good neighbours stay great.  1.6 acres of lawn mowed in an hour with this beauty.  The weed whacker takes a blade so I’m expecting some invasive things to disappear from the perimeter of the property eventually.



Stay tuned for house plans…

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2 Responses to We Can See Land!

  1. Marion Goosen says:

    Everything in the way of progress is GREAT! So excited for you both- Keep the posts coming, when you have time…

  2. Dixie says:

    Wow, looking like you’re making great headway! So glad to see you’re receiving God’s favour through this new journey; we will be praying for Him to continue to bless you and those around you!
    Again Happy 33rd Anniversary, so glad to see you got to spend it together, taking some downtime…AND getting new toys!! LOL, it looks like you’re having fun on that riding lawnmower Karen!

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