When the Fires come…Be Flexible and Count Your Blessings!

June 12/16 part 1

FortMacFire2 FortMacFireThe last 7 weeks have been an unplanned adventure for us.  On May 4th (2 days after my last post) Ross was evacuated from Fort McMurray with the wild fires burning out of control.  I could write pages of that experience with he and Michael (who made it out a couple of days later) being in a camp with NO supplies (food, water and diesel for power generation) coming in but it being on the only road and direction that Fort Mac refugees could take once the highway to Edmonton closed.  Ross said it was very emotional to have families arrive in shorts, sandals and their pets but nothing else seeking refuge under the camp roof.

Needless to say, in the blink of an eye…we were unemployed with an unknown end in site.  This was a BIG wakeup call for us and after much processing and prayer, we decided to change our home building plans in a significant way.  We were reminded that nothing is ever sure in this economy and that we need to be good steward’s of what we have.  So with Ross home, we spent some time getting Lot 2 (we will build on Lot 3) ready for sale.  We got Nick Huxham, Master Excavator, to put a driveway in and got the Regional Water hooked up on both lots and a For Sale by Owner sign went up. IMG_1955 Our plan is to build the house ourselves with the cash that comes in from the sale of the land.  We plan to enlist the help of a builder to get it to lock up but then we will take our time to finish it.  So our building plans are, right now, dependant upon the lot selling.  We are trying to be patient and acknowledging that the timing for everything will be perfectly orchestrated by God.  It is out of our hands.IMG_1954 IMG_1952 IMG_1953

We are so blessed to have options.  We have a lovely RV that can accommodate us and Jasmine (my little companion) while this process takes place and 2 nice places to park it.  One on a fully serviced space on the Rabey’s property and the 2nd on our own lot – not quite as many services but beautiful none the less.

During all of these changes of plans, our friends, the Rabey’s, have decided to leave for their Retirement Cross-Continent Vacation this summer.  They will be gone until next April and they would like us to take care of (and stay in) their Courtenay home.  Such amazing provision of a fully furnished home with a real kitchen & bathroom and internet (you can tell what my priorities are…).  And Peter and Sandy are feeling good about someone being in their home during their extended time away.  A win-win in all our minds and so unexpected for Ross and I.  Just another indicator that we don’t have to worry about our future.

We are so thankful to say that Ross went back to work this week after being off for only a month.  His camp wasn’t threatened by anything more than poor air quality.  He was the third shift to go back and so far the only shut down has been because of wildlife having taken over the work site.  A bear had them sitting in the lunch room for a morning while being encouraged to move on.  The fires are still burning but not near their site.  Michael has found a full-time job in Saskatoon so he took it and can be home with his wife each night.  So good for the newlyweds!

The next post I’ll share what else we did with our month off…

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