Will Winter Keep Calling?

February 28/17

IMG_2257It seems like winter just never ends this year…and yes, I know that in other parts of Canada it’s not reasonable to expect it so soon, but here on the Island, we don’t get snow like this.  From a fall of huge winds and rains that just kept coming right into HUGE (for us) snows that just seem to keep coming, it seems like winter will never end.  IMG_2202We just saw the last evidence of the previous snowfall at the beginning of Ross’ week off after getting over 3’ in the yard at Rabey’s.  And the forecast is for more yet before it’s finished.

This last week that Ross was home was a busy one and exciting.  We started out with a very serious inquiry on the land that resulted in an accepted verbal offer to a very nice young couple that we could see as our neighbours.  That offer still hasn’t been firmed on paper and I think that financing might be a problem for them.  But the process was very encouraging for us.

Another big thing that happened was the application for our building permit which was approved with no hitches or complications.  Yay!  We are ready to start once lot 2 sells.

Also, we ordered up the septic system work and were told that it would be done in the next couple of weeks!  That’s the piece that we thought would stand in the way of living on the lot in the RV and turns out that our part of that work might be the thing that slows RV living down (with only 1 week for Ross to work on it out of 3).

Ross spent most of his week home working on the container studio.  He got the walls inside framed and the door and windows in.  His next time home, he will get it wired and plumbed.  It’s going to be a very cozy space and I’m so grateful for the skills, abilities and determination of my talented husband.  His gift of creative problem solving always amazes me and he is such a blessing to our family.

IMG_1849.JPG IMG_1852.JPG IMG_1851.JPG IMG_1848

We ended the week by bringing the 5th wheel home to the Rabey’s for Karen to clean it and get it ready to move into.   We are preparing for the Rabey’s to arrive home and take back their lovely home at the beginning of April.

Then the snow came again…sigh…6 inches of wet stuff overnight.  We woke up on Ross’ flyday to having to shovel to get him to the airport.  Karen got her 2nd lesson in driving in that white stuff which still makes her extremely nervous.  What a way to end a week of days off!

IMG_2256 IMG_2260

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2 Responses to Will Winter Keep Calling?

  1. Margaret Petker says:

    Thanks for sharing Karen. . . .we sure have had our share of winter this year as well. . . and more is expected this week! I look forward to coming for a visit later this spring. Marg

  2. Andrea Gaudet de Lestard says:

    Well that is certainly an encouraging blog this time!? Despite the snow! So happy for you! We shall pray the offer comes through on paper! That is totally exciting. And to get approval for the septic without struggle is amazing. God is surely opening doors for you both snd that is a blessing and we are grateful as you both so deserve it! Love your blogs! Keep them coming. ?. ?to you both.
    Andrea and Jack

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